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Grow up in the rural hills of Apennines Mountains in Italy, Yuri Pirondi degree as “Master of Art” at the Art Institute “A. Venturi” of Modena in Photography and Visual Arts. Yuri is a filmmaker and visual artist who lives and works in London, his works has been shown in several different galleries such as Gulag State Musem (Moscow), Mother Studios (Hackney Wick), Biagiotti Gallery (Florence) or Espacio Islandia (Madrid) and they shown video performative installation pieces at the Barbican centre, Sadler’s Wells theatre and V&A Museum.
His work is a reflection on the relation between visual art and the cinematic experience.
His lens based works explores notions of identity, forms, limits and society using the subconscious, surrealism and the counterfeit of being. He mixes the deceptive of the performance art with the life itself as they persuade themselves that the boundaries between the two realities are not so far from each others.

Right from the start Yuri has followed a multi-disciplinary and transversal artistic direction in which he collaborates with different artists including composers, writers, performers, experimental theatre and dance practitioners. In 2011 Yuri funded MAGMA, a London based art collective working around the idea of cross media collaboration between its members.The collective is working on an ongoing project called Mnemonic City, a residency based on the exploration of urban areas, exchange of ideas and final show, transforming the chosen place into an imaginative archaeological site.

Film Selections/Exhibitions 2014
- Tierra Firme featured Documentary screen at Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania.
- Official Selection at Now&After Festival in Moscow, Russia.
- Showing the Video Performance "Innermost" at V&A Museum, London, UK.
- Collective Magma show at Biagiotti Gallery, Florence, Italy.
- Tierra Firme featured Documentary was screen at Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania.

Film Selections 2013
- Tierra Firme featured Documentary was screen at Richmix Cinema, Casa Latin American Festival
- Tierra Firme featured Documentary in the selection of Bogocine festival, International Cinema Festival of Bogota
- Official Selection at Klex 2013, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia ("Emergencia")
- Official Selection for Madatac 05 in Madrid, Spain.
- Official Selection - best of ten films in Facade Festival (“Standing Silence”)
- Official Selection for Facade Festival, Bulgaria – (“Emergencia”)
- Official Selection for Cologne OFF Festival, Germany (“Emergencia”, "The Guise" )
- Official Selection for Festival Miden 2013, Greece (“Emergencia”)
- Official Selection for Fonlad video Festival, Portugal (“The Guise”)
- Official Selection for Alternatif-Art, Paris, France (“Influx”)
- Official Selection for Art film Cannes Festival, (AVIFF Cannes), France (“Void Shades:London Series")
- Official Selection for HEP 2013 video art Festival, London (“Emergencia”)
- “The Guise” was exhibited at .Box Video Art Space, Milan
- “The Guise” was exhibited at Fest Art, Milan, Italy
- “The Guise” was exhibited at the main Art Fair in Jaén (AtJaen), Spain
- "The Guise" and "Emergencia" selected for Klex 2013, in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Film Selections 2012
- Official Selection – best of ten films in Proyector Festival ("The Guise")
- Official Selection in Proyector Festival, Spain ("The Guise")
- Official selection to screen live in Visual container TV ("Void Shades: London Series" and