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On 2002 the old village of Aldeia da Luz was submerged by water after the enlargement of the Alqueva Dam reservoir.
Some inhabitants decided to do not live in the new village and others stayed.
Together with other fellow artists, I been invited by Museu da Luz for an art residency with the aim to create a piece based on the memories of the sunken village.

My idea started from the name of the village, “Luz” that translated in English means “Light”.
I imagined a last dinner ate at the old village before the evacuation, everyone left in rush abandoning the rest of the meal on the table.

The action begun where the water cut off the street for the old village.
As I started to pull the rope, the table from far is not recognisable exactly as a remote memory, but as the table came closer it was easy to find out what was left from last supper at the old village.
My aim was to bring back a memory that emerge from the deep waters of the lake - a simple dinner made of traditional Alentejano bread and wine where everyone from the area could recognize. With the help of the Freguesia da Luz I manage to use materials that were originally from the old village.

I explored the aesthetical idea of memory rather than concentrate on a particular historical moment.
To do so I added to the installation a luminescent material that create a sort of aura that add some mystery and symbolise a new “light” for the village.