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Arcimboldo’s Borders is a performance and a video piece, born with the idea to explore the reaction and the exchange of personal memories with who lives and works in Ridley Road market, through a theatrical aesthetic.
Arcimboldo was a painter of XVI centuries most known for his head portraits, created by assemble fresh fruits and vegetables.
Inspired by his style a map of the world interprets the memories of who had to cross the borders to find better life.
In Ridley Road Market these borders are merged, every different ethnicity lives and works sharing the same street, trading stories and wishes.
The market is the real physical, social and theatrical centre of Dalston in London, where the gathering of international goods from all over the world track down the cultural ethnic backgrounds of its inhabitants. One of the most shady character of the Commedia dell’Arte is the Doctor of the Plague - he is the guide, a Charonian figure that explores the interaction with the market crowd, creating an itinerary
through the memories of the passerbys.