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Tierra Firme is a provocative journey through the emotional and physical landscape of Social Political Theatre in Latin America.
In Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil, we meet the hearts and souls and hear the voices of freedom fighters with a peaceful weapon.
We explore the richness of each country’s history and culture, turbulent past, and witness its expression in the present. The flourishing, social political theatre scene, in all her guises, is our vehicle and our muse.
Social political theatre is as much about the audience as it is the players,
as its’ various forms truly reflect life as a play.

Co-directed by Yuri Pirondi and Ines Von Bonhorst.
Starring Teatro de Los Andes, El Altoteatro, Cesar Brie, Teatro La Candelaria, Teatro Presagio, Matacandelas Teatro, La Tropilla Teatro,
Grupo Pombas Urbanas and Nóis de Teatro.